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OnezCommerce has introduced Digital Marketing courses in Pakistan. In these courses, our professional team tells the most sustainable digital marketing strategies for 2023. We guide and inform all the techniques and the process by which one can become a digital marketer.

Do you know what "DIGITAL MARKETING" is?

Can you believe the 21st century is known as the most influential era? As there are numerous trends introduced and things changed fast. Choice changed time over time, and so did preferences. Today, this genre is considered the era of digital marketing. Digital marketing is becoming a vast field.

People in this contemporary time live in a "Content First" world. They prefer information before they buy a product. When valid knowledge of the product is given via relevant content definitely, that helps the consumer. That content linked to the specific business helps reach larger audiences. Digital platforms make DIGITAL MARKETING easier.

Digital marketing and SEO

Team OnezCommerce has taken the initiative to introduce courses. It has taken the responsibility to train young and fresh minds to contribute to the domain of Digital marketing. Not only this, but we also train and educate the students regarding “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). In digital marketing, SEO has an essential role to play. Now-a-days “Google” has categorized its rank status. Earlier, the more keywords stuffed the more the article or a website ranked. But, now Google plays smart and utilizes the technique of SEO. The more the piece of writing is SEO friendly the more digital marketing is successful. Onez has introduced many SEO courses in Pakistan to benefit students that are not aware of these technicalities.

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What is the difference between Digital Marketing and SEO?


  • It is the making of ads, posts, social media videos, etc. So, that more audiences and reach that specific “Brand.”
  • Moreover, it requires specific tools that aid in making those social media
  • posts for a specific brand.
  • Digital Marketing has a broader aspect and numerous techniques and methods are used for it.
  • Several, platforms are used for Digital Marketing. For example; Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, and a lot more including SEO.
  • There is no fixed pattern to follow in Digital Marketing. There is no list to follow to market a product, website, or page.


  • It is the process that makes the piece of an article, page, or website rank on google.
  • Indeed, it also requires tools that optimize the written content.
  • SEO itself is a part of Digital Marketing.
  • SEO revolves around the same idea of “WEBSITE OPTIMIZING.”
  • In fact, for SEO optimization there are fixed standards to follow. That pattern will help in higher search results.

Definitely, SEO and Digital Marketing have variations but they are interconnected to each other. That is why Onez Professional team has introduced the best digital marketing trainings courses in Pakistan. In these courses, we make the learner well aware of all the technical processes. These courses help to make an individual earn their livelihood. Team Onez is very focused on the perspective of making students aware of the up-to-date technologies and mediums. Students are creative and enthusiastic but they are not aware of the platforms on which they can show their creativity.

As a matter of fact, Digital marketing is a field that can make an individual an “Entrepreneur.” Beginners can earn a lot from this field and establish a well-reputed position in the market. And, learning SEO alone can become a source of frosting on the cupcake. It will add up to your skills and team Onez Commerce will be the one to guide you in the whole process. E-commerce is a leading business field and digital marketing is a huge part of it. People want to expand their online business and gain as many customers as they can because it brings a handsome profit. In the first place, all of this is only possible by the means of Digital Marketing. It helps outsource people and brings a lot of traffic to the product or the website.

Digital Marketing is now a huge source to sell products or expand one's business. All the digital platforms make investments for any investor much safer. As it diminishes the length or distance of the targeted audience. Thus, it increases click rates and makes the product much more familiar to people all over the sphere.