OnezCamp Introduction

OnezCamp Road Map

Hands-on Practice with Amazon Tools

Product Hunting & Sourcing Experience

Order Fulfilment Experience

Orders & Inventory Management Experience

Amazon Business Analysis

Amazon Store Setup – Seller Central

Freelancing Training – Fiverr & Upwork Account Creation

Getting Your First Order of Amazon Work with Freelancing

Taking your First Product Live at Amazon



Technology has influenced many aspects of life over time

Yes, students can set up a business on their own business by joining Onez camp.

Surely, by providing practical guidance & technical skills application for earning we will guide our enrolled students so that they can become finically stable. We have designed a whole team for financial support.

Either you can visit Onez Commerce or contact us at 03008452162 – 03008452163 for further details.

Certainly, we will help our students to convert technical skills into earnings. We have specified mentors for guidance and support of students. Also, we allow students to do live fieldwork.

All students can become a part of Onez Camp. Even those who were not trained by Onez Commerce. We welcome all students, so all students can become a part of Onez Camp.

No there is no specific qualification required but the student must have basic computer knowledge.

Yes, for sure, Onezcommerce offers monthly installments with a time span of more than a month.

Yes, there are multiple sessions running and you may get enrolled in the Day or the Evening Shift.

To guide and instruct we have lead trainers. Those professional teams have practical experience. They will instruct and guide all students. We do not have Professions restricted to one field but have a large number of expert teams for student guidance.