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The time span of this specific course is 2 Months .

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An authenticated certification by Onez that is valid and acceptable all over Pakistan.

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What is Amazon Wholesale?

Purchasing products in bulk directly from a manufacturer or distributor via Amazon's wholesale strategy involves reselling them to consumers at a profit. The best platform for direct sales of products in a competitive marketplace is the FBA platform provided by Amazon. Wholesale physical items can also reach actual customers and make their way straight to the market.

Amazon Wholesale Course Training in Lahore

The Amazon wholesale course in Lahore provides a chance for anyone who wants to learn and advance in the Amazon retail industry. With Amazon Wholesale, it is now feasible to quickly sell the items at wholesale prices in order to make money.

Working with Amazon for years has allowed people all across the world to target potential customers and concentrate on company growth. People may now learn more than simply how to navigate the genuine ecommerce business in Lahore, Pakistan with the help of Amazon wholesale course training in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Amazon Wholesale courses in Lahore, Pakistan will give students a genuine Amazon Marketplace experience under the guidance of experts from the best amazon training centre in Lahore.

Amazon 3 in 1 Course

You can learn Amazon private label, wholesale, and virtual assistant all in one course by taking the 3 in 1 course with Onez Commerce. This course is offering you an opportunity to provide services worldwide by learning Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) training courses in Lahore, Pakistan.

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA, often known as Fulfillment by Amazon, allows Amazon sellers to outsource their shipping to Amazon. Amazon stores, selects, packs, ships, and delivers the items to customers using this fulfilment method. Amazon also handles customer service and refunds for certain items. With the help of Amazon FBA course training in Lahore, Pakistan you can earn a lot of revenue by doing business online.


With the use of the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) service, merchants may send product to Amazon, which will then store, ship, and manage returns for a charge. In cases of FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), the seller stores, transports, and manages returns independently.

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Amazon Business Models

Whether it is an "Amazon Private Label Course" or "Wholesale," Amazon has a properly structured business model to follow up for a boost in our business and generate a surplus.

Brand Distribution

It is hard to find and identify authentic and good wholesalers for Amazon. Our amazon courses training in Lahore, Pakistan provide practices on how to pinpoint those specific wholesalers and contact them. We pay attention to develop the knowledge of the trainee. Thus, ONEZ assures beginners know the distinction between the private label business and the wholesale business on Amazon so that the investors know what and where to invest. No doubt, we ensure that we impart to Amazon investors that whatever product they select, they must know all the brand distribution strategies. These courses avoid any confusions and learners have a grip over Amazon techniques.

Product Hunting

The E-commerce company ONEZ will guide "product hunting" and teach it entirely in the course classes. Many investors are unaware of the product in which they must invest. We will prepare and instruct the investor or student on what means it will aid or profit. Actually, ONEZ makes sure that the trainees must get to know what to sell and how to deal with it. Also we have introduced a course on Amazon seller accounts Pakistan, which aids the trainee aware of the amazon account opening and operating process.

Wholesale Product Listing – Mee-Too

Wholesale product listing is a proper task; a list of products is added to the website according to the category. Customer search query also plays an integral part in it. Afterward, the list is made according to the customer's search query to avoid confusion for those customers. All this needs practical practice and guidelines from ONEZ professional team as we ensure that the learners face no problems. And when they make an amazon account, their customers also may not meet any issues.

Amazon Buy Box Management

Amazon Buy Box is a strategy that aids the seller. We make sure that our trainee is aware of and acknowledges how it works and how he can get benefit from "Amazon Formulas." These formulas reward investors and promise the best balance, higher seller performance, and low prices.

Order Management

In fact, Amazon order management comprises tools to be used so customers can make a hustle-free purchase. We guide the whole process from scratch. In the first place, we accept the queries and troubles and then find a solution. We teach how to use a variety of tools. And, we ask to prepare the customer "search list" to avoid any sales difficulties. Otherwise, customers might skip the product and choose another. Besides, Amazon itself has to manage "order tools." These tools are used in a specific pattern to avoid any distortion in sales and purchases. And "Team Onez" is here to guide you.

Seller Central Management

Furthermore, Amazon Seller Central empowers manufacturers and investors to sell their products directly to consumers all over the sphere. ONEZ courses also elaborate on how selling products on Seller Central gives greater control over the pricing and subject for your products and brands. Not only this, but Onez also offers Amazon virtual assistant courses in Lahore, Pakistan for those who want someone else to manage Amazon for them.

Onez Camp

As a matter of fact, Onez Camp is a complete package in which we offer many courses and training. It includes strategies and techniques to boost sales. This camp also guides you about the platforms and tools to use in any investor's business who has spent money on Amazon or is considering investing. Additionally, Onez assures high-level reporting and know-how that saves time and money. We give you all the information you want under one umbrella. Being the best online course conduction company, our Amazon courses in Lahore offer face-to-face interaction with the whole OnezCommerce professional team. You'll not regret saying, "we are one of the best institutes for Amazon Trainings."


  • Anyone who wants to work part time job 
  • Students who wants to provide services online on freelancing platform
  • Anyone with a business-minded outlook
  • Anyone looking to establish their own brand
  • Anyone looking to build their brand and promote it on Amazon

Week 1: Amazon wholesale business

  • How do we source products in wholesale business?
  • Why is it called the safest business model of Amazon?
  • List of gated categories
  • Restricted products on Amazon

Week 2: Product hunting for Amazon WholesaleBusiness:

  • Find distributor of selected brand / product
  • Signup with distributor / brand for further trade
  • Analyze products

Week 3: Manage Inventory:

  • Purchase less inventory for testing & send it to FBA
  • Customer Support

Week 4: Sourcing Products:

  • Find a good product to sell wholesale
  • Research products with high potential on Amazon
  • What things do we need to contact brands/wholesalers/distributors for sourcing?
  • Strategic Sourcing Analysis

Week 5: Direct Procurement:

  • A delicate balance drivers & risks

Week 6: Product Listing

  • What is Product Listing?
  • UPC and Bulk Listing
  • Possible Listing errors

Week 7: Seller Central Account

  • Adding Product
  • Inventory Tab
  • Product Pricing
  • Order management

Week 8: Hands on practice

  • Jungle scout
  • Helium 10

The Amazon Wholesale Course training program designed to train individuals to become experts in online wholesale. The course Learning Outcome for Amazon Wholesale Course covers:

  • Understanding of Amazon wholesale model
  • Product hunting for amazon FBA wholesale
  • Wholesale purchase workflow
  • Finding good products to sell wholesale
  • Research products
  • Sourcing analysis
  • Launch & rank your own products