How to Learn Ecommerce in Pakistan – A Student Guide

Ecommerce is the new upcoming trend of 2022. In short, it is the future. As a matter of fact, after the time duration of the Pandemic, people were more into online purchasing as the whole world was in isolation. As a matter of fact, E-commerce is not just a way to purchase products; it is a business in which people can invest and earn. Shortly, let me guide and explain to students how they can learn E-commerce in Pakistan

What sort of business can one do after doing an E-commerce course?

  • Sell Products - Business:

Indeed when we talk about business then, those students who want to set up a company can learn e-commerce. In addition, E-commerce will not tell what a businessman does but instead will guide how to develop a website and sell things online. Similarly, if one wants to do business online, then he can learn e-commerce and start selling. Doing this course will make you able that you can manage your website as well as your business. However one will not require any sort of web developer to manage the issues. Also, you can save a lot of money by not doing everything on your own. 

Thus, website development or making an e-commerce store is a one-time task. Once the website's making and designing happen, you just have to test it with products. Whereas you don't have to design it again and again. After that, you just have to launch your website or e-commerce store with your products and earn money by just handling a website. In other words, business and e-commerce stores will all run smoothly. And the competition for an e-commerce store is very low in Pakistan. So, if you develop a site and start your own brand and business, then there are a hundred and ten percent chances that you will gain success in it. Due to this, we would say that learning E-commerce in Pakistan.

  • Sell Websites:

Actually when you have the art of making websites or an e-commerce store, then you can use this skill to "MAKE AND SELL THOSE WEBSITES." In fact, this is also a business. For example, people become freelancers after learning e-commerce. Indeed it is a skill and those who learn and know it can make money online. Specifically, most people sit online on various platforms and create their gigs as E-commerce store developers. More importantly, people pay for those platforms to create and design their websites. As a freelancer of an E-commerce store, there are a lot of people who want to construct a website. Certainly, they place orders on the freelancers' gigs, which becomes a source of earning and making money. 

In fact, websites are of many designs and purposes; 

  1. E-commerce Website 
  2. Business Website 
  3. Event Website 
  4. Blog website 
  5. Personal Website 

Accordingly, there are numerous types of websites. But when learning how to build an e-commerce website, it is easy for you to design less tricky websites. Truly, those websites have no calculations or product listing into them. Presently Pakistan is a developing country, and there are fewer job opportunities. Therefore, if a student wants to earn and become independent, then learn E-commerce in Pakistan. With this in mind, it will help students to develop their own individual personalities. 

To put it briefly, becoming a freelancer will not require your age, but it will depend on the experience and the client's satisfaction. Ultimately even if you have done the e-commerce course just for two months and want to become a freelancer, you can. After all that matters is, is your 1st order. Altogether if you have gotten a good review from your first client, then you are going to get more orders. Besides your age will not concern, but your work will speak of your know-how. And being under 18, no one is going to offer a job due to lack of education. So, freelancing is the best for Pakistani natives to opt for so that they may make money quickly. Moreover, learn e-commerce and sell your skill to earn money. Truly speaking, the more you sell your skill, the more it will enhance - the skill will not come to an end. 

Benefits to learn E-commerce in Pakistan: 

  • Gain a technical skill 
  • Learn and earn after the e-commerce course
  • Launch an e-commerce store
  • Make it a business
  • Use your skill to become a freelancer
  • Generate income as an e-commerce freelancer 
  • Earn revenue or profit doing e-commerce business

To sum up, financial independence is the key element that OnezCommerce is promoting, and it is putting an effort to learn E-commerce in Pakistan.

What will a student learn in the E-commerce course?

  1. Comprehend what is E-commerce
  2. Software choices and solutions 
  3. WordPress and Shopify essentials for E-commerce
  4. Domain Purchasing 
  5. Store theme and web designing 
  6. Homepage setting 
  7. Store Admin Web Management
  8. Design and build Customers' end web page
  9. Product Listing 
  10. Product pricing 
  11. A User-friendly interface 
  12. Tools utilization 

Conversely, there are various methodologies to teach and impart to any student. Although when it comes to educational subjects, knowledge is to explain. But when it comes to practical topics, then practice is the need. Similarly, technical learning is a dire need when there is any technical course such as an E-commerce store or website development. As a matter of fact, online and onsite technical learning in website development is the go for the moment. As a result, people who think that it is impossible to learn online and onsite is a better option are wrong. Students! The Pandemic taught us a lot. Hence we learned how to use technology. Thus it is not wrong to say that learning E-commerce in Pakistan online. 

On the condition that traveling occupies a lot of time for students in Pakistan then online learning seems the best and most convenient option. In either event, a student's time is very precious, and they must not waste it. Though time bleats fast, and when one has taken the initiative to become a known person or personality, then it is compulsory that you know the value of time. To conclude we still say that save traveling time and study online. Indeed online study is very interactive, but online is also a good option to go for. On the other hand, not only on-site but also in online classes, Onezcommerce records lectures. Anyhow only those students have access to those recorded lectures who are a part of Onezcommerce. Not only is this, but in fact, the technical practicals are also on record - along with access for students to practice on various platforms. 

Till then, best of luck with your e-commerce store and business! Earn and learn, students! 

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